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About our Coloured Lenses

SWATI Cosmetics coloured contact lenses are made to work with your existing eye colour and create a natural-looking shade unique to you. Change your eye colour with our SWATI lenses depending on the mood or occasion, to express your own kind of beauty. Our coloured lenses are available in 1-month or 6-months durations and come in 8 natural-looking shades.

Keep your eyes protected while using our coloured eye lenses. We are using a layered lens technology that keeps the colour design sandwich between two layers of the lens material to better preserve the colours and to keep the pigment from touching your cornea directly. The full collection of SWATI circle lenses are available online and they come either with a prescription or with 0 power. Don’t look further! We have the most natural-looking contact lenses, one shade for every occasion! It doesn’t matter if you have dark or light eyes, our coloured lenses fit everyone. What are you waiting for? Join the SWATI Cosmetics lens trend right now.

Learn more about our monthly lenses

Our monthly lenses are made of 2-HEMA with 42% water content. The same material most contact lenses are made of. These materials were chosen to create a look as natural as possible. Monthly contact lenses are simply contacts that you can wear for 30 days from the opening date. 

How to use SWATI Cosmetics monthly contact lenses? Start with placing the lens on the tip of your index finger, then hold your eye open with your free hand and place the lens with your index finger on the cornea. Last, slowly blink and look in different directions to stabilize the lens. We don’t recommend sleeping in the monthly lenses, and should only be worn for a maximum of 6 hours at a time. 

Wearing contacts for longer than the recommendations can increase the risk for complications and eye infections. To keep the monthly lenses fresh, use a new lens cleaning solution after every use. Don’t use tap or sterile water, rewetting drops, salina or saliva. You should always make sure your monthly contact lenses are clean and moist before putting them in your eye. Never put in a damaged lens in your eye.

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Can I order two different lens strengths?

We offer one power per pair.
Unfortunately, we do not offer two different powers per pair.

One power ( pair ) for your left eye, one power ( pair ) for your right eye.

What kind of contact lens solution should the lenses be stored in?

You can use any soft contact lens solution from the medical store


Do you have prescription lenses?

SWATI offers optical correction of refractive myopia and hyperopia from 0 power up to -6


I have purchased the one month blister pack. After use how do I store them? Do I have to purchase a separate solution and container?

Monthly lenses do not come with any accessories.
You must purchase the lens case and solution separately.


Can I sleep with my lenses?

You must never sleep with the lenses on.
Always soak the lenses in fresh solution overnight/when not in use.


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